Here’s your safety

Tips for Peru

Violence against tourists is rare but theft is extremely common. Hold on tight to your things!

Avoid soccer stadiums before and after big games. Soccer fans can get very rowdy.

Peru’s currency is the Nuevo Sol. However, the American dollar is accepted on occasion.

Do not drink tap water. Only drink bottled or boiled water.

Health advices for traveling Peru

Adventure have to be healthy

Even cloudy Lima can surprise you with the strength of the sun when it makes its way through the fog. Make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, hat and a good pair of sunglasses.

In the mountains, the lack of oxygen and strong sun will dry your skin rapidly. Make sure to pack some hydrating creams or lotions, and don’t forget a good lip balm.

If you’re planning a trip to the jungle, it’s mandatory that you take a good repellent for gnats and mosquitoes. Try to find one made of natural ingredients.

Why people travel a lot
And why you also need it

  • 01

    To find better weather!

    People who live in colder climates race to the sunshine to top up their tans and people
    from countries which are constantly hot may travel to places to try activities such as skiing
    which they could not do so easily in their home country.

  • 02

    To find love

    Are you unlucky in love? Live in a small town and just can’t meet anyone? Then go travelling!

  • 03

    To discover new cultures

    Some people like adventures and to escape their normal monotonous life. They like not knowing
    what they can expect and want to deepen their knowledge in other lifestyles.

Heros Behind the Company

There are obvious reasons why we should all get out of our comfort zones and give traveling a try, but we never take the time to stop and really think about it.

Peru Ideas provides extensive travel services, planning and time-saving expertise to you, our customers.

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